DIFFERENT: Art Factory wants to propose something different as a hostel. You won’t forget us, since we will be there in the perfect moment of your trip. We are placed in an old colonial building, full of history. We have a really interesting cultural agenda, art mixed with the architecture and the real chance to meet interesting people.
THE TRIP: Travelling is one of the most precious moments of our lives, everyday there’s something new to learn, to be discovered, love enlighten us, new friends fulfill our lives. The Art Factory has been designed for your senses to travel along with you during this adventure.
CONNECTED: The hostel is placed in the most artistic and active neighborhood of the city. We want to be part of that kind of life. San Telmo deserves to be walked by, during the night or day, with your eyes wide open, its details is what makes it so special. We invite you to the ‘ArtWalk’, a weekly tour round these streets, searching for the constant innovations regarding street art, but also showing the history and the places that make this neighborhood a really unique place.
HELPING: We are so lucky to be able to do what we love that we feel we have to give something back to society. That’s the reason why we help people in need, getting close to organizations (Resplandor del Sur) that provide support, social work and help to those who need it in Buenos Aires and across the country. If you’re willing to do social work or contribute making donations or simply get close to see in action those who are working in these fields, you will be always welcome.
ART ART!: We are fans of the street art, stencils, graffitis and all that is painted in a wall. If you are a good artist and you wanna leave your footprint in the Art Factory, we can offer you a free stay and the supplies to paint any wall of the hostel or the city. Please, submit pictures of your works.
THE STAFF: The people in our team are quite a character. Besides classic hotel staff, we are experienced travellers, musicians, cartoonists, writers, actors and much more. The staff is for sure our strongest strength, the secret of our formula. Each one of us adds a little mystic to the hostel, being a really important part of your experience.

Trabaja con nosotros
Pho.: (54 11) 4343-1463 Piedras 545 - San Telmo Buenos Aires - Argentina info@artfactoryba.com.ar